What is sea glass and a receipe for a nighttime nut and honey hand and foot paste.

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IMG_8833IMG_8381I have many people asking me , what is sea glass ?  Sea glass is usually old bottles that have been thrown into the ocean or lakes.  Over time, from the currents of the water and the erosion from rocks and sand, the glass breaks and becomes pieces of glass .  The longer the glass is in the water,  the more dull the glass becomes , which we call a patina finish  The first picture of my sea glass bracelet contains glass which   is most likely a coca cola bottle dating back to 1915 -1970.  The next picture is most likely from a milk of magnesia bottle from the mid 1900’s.  Sea glass will become very rare soon because not much is put into glass these days.  So I consider each piece I collect very special.  And now the nighttime nut and honey hand and foot paste:  1/4 cup almonds, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 3 tbls. cocoa butter, 2 tbls. honey.  Process nuts in a blender.  In a bowl combine all ingredients and rub on your hands and feet. Put on cotton gloves and socks and leave on overnight.  Next morning rinse your hands and feet  with cool water and dry.  The oatmeal and nuts exfoliate and the cocoa butter and honey moisturize .  Hope to speak with you soon again,  Cheryl

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