What I use to cut my sheet metal. And how to add volume to your hair.

November 18, 2015 | By More


So  I really don’t like to use a jewelers  saw.  I don’t like the feel or the sound of the saw.  So I have tried cutting shears but they seem to distort the metal too much.  So I tried manicure scissors.  They work great.  The fine tips create less distortion of the metal and they are very sharp.  I use them on 26,24 and 22 gauge.  And now how to add more volume to your hair: 181820151117_160700even if you don ‘t like hair spray try this.  Simply bend from the waist, close your eyes and spray the underneith of your hair .  Flip your head up and either brush thru lightly or finger place your hair.   Talk to you soon again,  Cheryl

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