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July 21, 2015 | By More



 20150721_113004-1 Had our etsy meeting last week and we worked on tags.  It was so good to hear other peoples ideas.  I think asking our friends what words they would use to look up our art is a good idea.  Also adwords.google.com/keywordplanner- log in-click-search for keyword and ad group ideas-at bottom .  This can also help.  I was so surprised that-  fashion jewelry- gets 550,000 hits.  Guess what I will be adding to my tags! Also my next show is this weekend in Webster N.Y. , near Rochester.  Now how to get the stinky out of your flip flops – put them in a plastic bag and add about a 1/2 cup of baking soda and let them sit for a few days and the stink will be gone.  I almost forgot, this ring will be going to my show this week end.  Hope to be talking with you soon again,  Cheryl



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