Long or short? And summer pasta salad.

August 4, 2015 | By More

IMG_20150804_075044IMG_8381OK,  this is often a problem for me, what length chain I should use for my necklaces.  I know that the fashion industry seems to dictate the longer look, but they don’t seem to sell at the shows.  I personally like a 18″chain with v neck tees and open neck shirts but like the long pieces with high necklines.  So what do you think?  The first of my pictures is a piece on a long chain and the second on a 18″chain.  I would love your feedback on what length you prefer to wear.  Now the receipe:  Antipasta salad-  1lb. Box medium shells, cooked and cooled,1/2lb. Provolone cheese cut bite size,1/4lb. Salami cut bite size,1/2lb. Pepperoni cut bite size,1 can black olives sliced, 1 small can of green olives sliced,3 tomatoes cut bite size,1 green pepper cut bite size, 3 stalks celery cut bite size, 1 small onion,11/2tsp. Salt,1 tsp. Pepper.  Mix 3/4 cup oil and 1/2cup wine vinegar together.   Add all ingrediants together and add oil and vinegar, toss and chill. There you have it.  Hope to speak with you soon.  Cheryl

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