I couldn’t create what I wanted to and a no bake dessert.

July 31, 2015 | By More

20150731_172846  So here is what I created today.  It started out to be a cuff bracelet with a bezal set labradorite, but I couldn’t get the bezal to adhere to the stripe of silver.  If any one has any suggestions for me I would appreciate it.  Anyway, I embossed the silver then antiqued it, tumbled it and applyed jewelry wax.  Boy it wasn’t what it was suppose to be, but I’m happy with the results.  So when things go wrong , stop, take a breath, rethink and adjust.  And now the no bake dessert:  chocolate eclair cake:  2 pkgs. French vanilla instant pudding – 1 box graham crackers – 9 oz. Cool whip – chocolate frosting – Prepare pudding as instructed on box.  Line 9 x 13 dish with crackers, mix cool whip with pudding, pour 1/2 pudding over crackers, add another layer of crackers and then rest of pudding.  Top the pudding with frosted crackers.  It is easier to frost crackers before topping dessert.  Refrigerate overnight.

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